Saturday , July 26 2014

Teaching student with Pleasure

Pleasure is condition where a person are happy and confident enough to do or feel a something. It was caused by some condition which make a person have no worries in doing a something. For teacher, teaching student with pleasure is possible after making preparation. Read about it at “What to prepare before teaching in class“.

Previous article, Teacher should rely on the skills in Teaching has completely describe a teacher should rely only in skills to solve many problems. While doing the teaching, it is encouraged for teacher to use the skills for various activities. Skills is the first priorities. Every job in the world always need their own unique skills. The same thing happen with teaching. Teacher should have their own skills which differentiate their occupation with another.

Skills in teaching just like as good communication and high interactions would make it possible to create good relationship with students. Thus will make it so easy to transfer knowledge between teacher and students. Teacher would be really happy in doing the job and they would realize if teaching is a pleasure.

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