Wednesday , August 20 2014

Adding up more worksheets in new year

Last year had passed and new year has just began. It is time for all authors in this site to announce that we were start working in lots of worksheets just to help local teacher with various experiences in teaching the students. This blog is for non-commercial purposes and we have helped thousands of local teachers by releasing the documents that will aid them in doing Classroom Action Researches. We encourage all the teachers to make a research as often as possible. We had written a tutorials about It in PTK, a Classroom Action Research.

More worksheets from popular local publishers will be added into our queued working list. Worksheets that have been researched were available as usual in repository. It only accessible for teachers that have the credentials. We will list here the category that we were created in the last year below.

  1. Soal dan pembahasan kunci Jawaban
  2. Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran
  3. Silabus

All the three categories above were courtesy of the old archives and it may outdated. It were listed here just to show the readers about the past on what we working on.

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