Saturday , July 26 2014

Ultimate Strategic Plan Template

The ultimate Strategic Plan Template was being introduced and widely used as the basic requirement for multiples documents created by the authors of this site. The idea to use a special template for any documents was introduced by Mochammad Rifai. As the leader of the project, he feel responsible to make a simple but powerful draft that will aid another authors to finish the documents faster than schedules. As everyone may don’t really understand, creating a document was not that easy. The activities involve designing the modules, selecting the best methods in teaching and applying special formulas to make it work as expected. The times needed to do all of those activities vary. Sometimes it just need two months but most of the times, a single author could make a document in three and half months. Now you can imagine on how hard the work that was done by the authors.

To simplify the progress in creating the document, A new idea to design simple strategic plan template was introduced by me. With help and correction from other authors, the template was made available in January 2012. Now, after almost more than a year, the simple strategic plan template has been evolved into Ultimate Strategic Plan Template which has many features and correction. It is definitely better than previous template. A single author can make a document in less than a week. This is the fastest time ever. Creating worksheets and the likes can be so easy because there is no need to design on what will be added and developed. The template has all the possibilities to choose and to develop. Basically, with the template available in their hand, they just need to select on what should they want to add and then seriously add all the modules.


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