Wednesday , July 23 2014

Simple definition of HOTEL

Hotel is a place to get rest and enjoy the life. The simple definition above was created by me while I was kid. Today, I though hotel is more complex than what I thought. For me, hotel is a place for anyone whom pay the service to stay in the chosen room. The definition of hotel in this article might look simple but that are what available in my mind. Maybe you could add more info about it. How about describing hotel with your own definition. Don’t just say the definition from books or experts, just use your own thought. How about it? Will you share it with the rest of us? Share your definition in the comment form. Please don’t ask for bonus as I wouldn’t give you a gift by describing your opinion. Other readers may give you one if you were lucky.

Before you write your opinion, it will help if you share the reasons on why you have that opinion or what make you think your definition was correct. You can write it down in the comment form too. If you want to stay anonymous, write your info as anonymous. We don’t care about who you are, we only care on what you think. So, start writing your own definition. Every opinion will help others that seeking for the definition of the hotel.

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