Wednesday , October 29 2014

contoh proposal tesis manajemen pendidikan islam

contoh proposal tesis manajemen pendidikan islam“contoh proposal tesis manajemen pendidikan islam” Reviewed by Mochammad Rifai on Feb 8 is a proposal made for moslem.“contoh proposal tesis manajemen pendidikan islam” is a proposal about management in Islamic education applicable for student in school. Rating: 4.2. This proposal is unlike any other document, only provide the special management which is applicable for moslem. The proposal shows us how to manage time and how to learn effectively just by using Islamic recommendation which surely is great enough to be used in school. It also contain basic teaching education which will make any teacher whom teaching Islam will have a great times just by reading it. The proposal was equipped with latest research in teaching student with proper methods.

It is great to have a student that smart but it is better to have student which always respecting people and always think the other and not just being selfish. The proposal also said if everyone should respect the other people and pay attention to the neighborhood. This proposal will make any teacher looks great because we all ready know if not every student were smart. Make them understand how to live in this world is more important than the other lesson. read also kumpulan tesis manajemen pendidikan.

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