Tuesday , October 28 2014

Why Skripsi is important

Not everyone were able to attend the college. Many people in poor countries never have chances to learn in universities. Most of them only able to learn at senior high school or worst only study at elementary school.  We all know about this and it is the time to help them and other person about the knowledge we have. This time, I will write a simple reason why Skripsi is important. Skripsi is important because it prove our skills. Skripsi is an effective way to measure our knowledge after study for many years at university. While it is not that hard to create Skripsi, Many people have reported if they were failed to made it. This is a bad situation. We will learn more about Skripsi in the next Post. For anyone who want to know the definition of Skripsi, You will need to wait for the next post. I’ll write about it shortly after I help few people solve their problems.

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