Tuesday , October 28 2014

Free Download PROTA PROMES (Updated)

Free Download Prota Promes were being seriously Updated in Stitma-unirow.net to bring more luxurious and nice interactions between the teacher and student. it mainly discussed free download prota dan promes tik Mts kelas VII. the rest document for promes dan prota berbasis karakter pkn kelas vii semester 1  were also indexed in the first place. there is an integrations for perangkat pembelajaran ktsp berbasis karakter pkn kelas vii semester 1 beserta prosem dan prota which is moved from contoh prota dan prosem smk bm to the new category at prota promes bahasa inggris smk xi. for junior high school, promes prota tik smp is already inserted along with PROTA DAN PROMES SAINS SD berkarakter 2011/2012 for elementary school. for senior high school, prota dan prosem bahasa inggris sma kls 11 is moved to prota prosem bio sma berkarakter kemdiknas due to lack of content change. while I’m searching for mencari rekapitulasi alokasi waktu pemetaan prota promes ipa terpadu smp n 2011, prota promes kkpi were created in two days ago.

UnirowFree Download Prota Promes also updated the small part of rpp dan prota bahasa indonesia smp which is in old category at prota tik smp 2011 berkarakter. you have the option to download prota promes ski mts tp 2011/2012. another idea to bring download analisis promes prota ips smp tp 2011/2012 came when I made free download kkm prota promes tik sma berkarakter 2011. I remember when I used to serve free download pemetaan sk/kd promes prota silabus dan rpp kurikulum berkarakter bahasa indonesia sma in 3 months ago. I was thinking for prosem prota 2011 smk kabupaten lumajang. a someone ask me to create rpp kkm prota promes pemetaan berkarakter pkn kelas x smk. I gave her PROTA KETRAMPILAN MENJAHIT KLS 7 THN 2011/2012 and asked her to modify it into her need but she refused and said “I can’t created it by myself”. I did’n’t answer her as I’m thinking “how could she became a teacher if she cannot modified it”. modify it is pretty easier because it basically just change the topic and title. the content will be also changed when it necessary. then I gave her prota prosem Adaptif Normatif Teknologi SMK 2011/2012 as another example and she said she need another example like as download prota dan promes biologi xi. I gave her prota promes IPA smk kelas x and prota promes kwu kls 10 11 2011/2012 in zip archive. I also gave her free download prota bhs inggris smp 2011/2012 in rar format in case she didn’t understand about Zip archive. then I teach her on how I made download analisis promes prota ips smp tp 2011/2012. whbile I’m sending rpp dan prota bahasa indonesia smp, she have already made PROTA DAN PROMES BTQ SMP which is a real mess. I sent her prota promes bindo smp bina bangsa. then she ask for my files with the title “Contoh promes bimbingan konseling semester gasal”. i ask her how could she knew my files? she said if she saw it in the screenshot I gave her. she also knew about promes seni budaya sma 2010-2011 and download promes kelas 3 BAHASA INGGRIS smp BNSP Mtsn Margoyoso. I gave her promes bahasa INGGRIS KELAS x semeter 2 and promes bahasa indonesia kelas X semester 1 as the last gift as her smart thinking. this is my story and how is yours?

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