Tuesday , July 22 2014

Teaching student with Pleasure

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Pleasure is condition where a person are happy and confident enough to do or feel a something. It was caused by some condition which make a person have no worries in doing a something. For teacher, teaching student with pleasure is possible after making preparation. Read about it at “What to prepare before teaching in class“. Previous article, Teacher should rely ... Read More »

What to prepare before teaching in class

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Teaching in class require preparation. It is encouraged for all local teacher to always prepare the material used for teaching student in the next days. Preparing material is essential as it would give much benefits for teacher and students. Teachers whom doing preparation before teaching would spend less time in teaching. Students would understand the explanation without much times to ... Read More »

Teacher should rely on the skills in Teaching

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Teacher should rely their own skills to solve many issues while teaching. The most noticeable issues are answering questions from worksheets and explaining the study to students. While teaching student in schools were not easy, most teacher should understand it can be easier and joyful. To achieve it, teacher only need to be smarter and acquire skills in teaching as fast as possible. No need to be a perfect teacher. Just be the best for student and everything shall be fine. Read More »

Chapter 1 Skripsi Statement of the Problems


Statement of the Problem Skripsi Chapter 1 was being published in UNIROW STITMA which discuss many aspect available in Skripsi. Chapter 1 or often called as Chapter One is the first content describe many basic aspect. Student whom trying to create Skripsi ought to create several chapter from first chapter till the end. For most student, there would be only six or seven ... Read More »

Study Literary Work Skripsi

Author Irna Diana

Chapter 1 Skripsi Background of the study Literary Work | UNIROW STITMA is another journal which discuss about Literary work used in Skripsi. Irna Diana, a young writer whom really interesting in Literary work explain the reason and specific term mainly available in Chapter 1. Students in eight semester at UNIROW has to create unique yet powerful Skripsi which will be ... Read More »

The Importance of Kunci Jawaban for Teachers

Kunci Jawaban is complete lists of answer keys available in every worksheets released by local publisher to be used by teachers. The answer keys was bundled with the worksheets as single packet and only given to teacher. The worksheets released by local publisher were designed for teachers and also students. While teacher got another bundle of worksheets filled with answers ... Read More »

Adding up more worksheets in new year

Last year had passed and new year has just began. It is time for all authors in this site to announce that we were start working in lots of worksheets just to help local teacher with various experiences in teaching the students. This blog is for non-commercial purposes and we have helped thousands of local teachers by releasing the documents ... Read More »

List of Materials about Things Around Us for seven grade Junior High School

(STITMA-UNIROW.NET) “Thing Around Us” is a special worksheet used in local Junior High School for seventh grade. The worksheet dedicated for teachers to help them teaching their students with best possible efforts. The materials used in teaching are objects which available and easily obtainable around the class. Chalks, boards and table can be used as the materials to teach english ... Read More »

Obtain best travel rewards card

Obtaining Best travel rewards card can be quite hard if there are no plans to acquire it. The first step that can be done by anyone whom trying to get it is doing lots of thing that will make us different than others. This is true because the fortune is an important key in this point. A someone need to ... Read More »